Every script submitted to the screenplay competition (including TV scripts and Short Film screenplays) is thoroughly analyzed by active film & television industry professionals.

Finalist entries are carefully read and given full script analysis by our Senior Judging Panel. These judges are award-winning working professionals eager to see your best work... and to help you move forward in your writing career. Our judges work directly with the biggest Hollywood companies:

​​Marla White

Development Executive Producer - Pitching Coach

​Marla is a television executive and producer of award nominated television movies in multiple genres. Currently Director of Development for Sony Television networks. Renowned coach for for screenwriters with serious aspirations to win screenplay competitions.

Luc Walpoth

Writer - Producer - Director

Luc is a respected international filmmaker and festival award winner.

He has close working relationships with Tribeca Institute, Torino Film, ​NisiMasa, Swissfilms, and the UCLA TFT foundation.

Works closely with Finalists of major screenplay contests.

​Stuart Benjamin


PGA Oscar-nominated theatrical, film & television Producer & Grammy winner. His credits include "Ray", "White Knights", "La Bamba", "Long Walk Home", "Rooftops", "Mortal Thoughts", "Safe House", and multiple hit sound tracks.Experienced at identifying screenplay contest grand prize winners with production potential.

Rawn Erickson, II

Digital Producer, Network Chief

Co-founder of Maker Studios, now known as Disney Digital Interactive,

Rawn is a strategic ssocial media marketing innovator focused on ​discovering new voices and content.Constantly searching for award-winning short film scripts and New Media projects.

Marc Pariser


Former CAA, WME packaging agent, producer. Responsible for the development of hundreds of major film & television writing careers, constantly discovering and nurturing new screen and television writing talent; founder of Marc Pariser Consulting,Eager to read and promote material from screenplay contest winners.

​Jeffrey Scott

Writer Producer

Emmy winning screenwriter, with hundreds of animated and live-action.

TV and film writing/producing credits , Jeffrey is the acclaimed author​ of "How to Write for Animation."

​Suzanne Herrera

Writer Consultant

WGA, SAG, consultant specializing in story, structure, character, dialogue, and in preparing scripts for casting & professional production. Published author and co-host of Where Hollywood Hides podcast.

​Dave Kabbe


A seasoned leader in every aspect of film and television, with deep experience in overseas filmmaking.

Producer of Hack, ​Assassin Nine, Variant, and the forthcoming Scorched Earth.

Independent film and low budget screenplay specialist

​Danielle Judovitz


Professional actor and renowned voiceover performer. Known as the voice of iconic animated superheroes. Credits include "Batman", "Toy Story", "Wolverine", "Social Network", "Full House", ​"Picket Fences", "Big Little Lies".

​Howie Young


Howie has expertise in script analysis from casting, marketing, and financing perspective.Develops screenplay contest winners through production.Credits include "Dolphin Tale", "Dexter", "Mission: Impossible III", "Lore", "Mars", "Hit & Run", "Speed II: Cruise Control".​

​Nishi Munshi

Actor - Director Producer

Known for "Jane the Virgin", "Bones", "Pretty Little Liars", and "Californication", she's an independent producer with a proven track record in acquisitions and private funding of screenplay competition winners.

​Gordon A. Webb

Producer - Director

Prolific award-winning producer of nearly two dozen major feature films, including "Kindergarten Cop", "Dave", "Six Days Seven Nights", "Ghostbusters", "Fletch", "Brubaker", "Space Jam".Produces screenplay contest winning screenplays by working closely with writers and directors.

​David Selby

Actor - Writer

​Film and television star known for "Falcon Crest", "Dark Shadows", "Social Network", "Batman: The Dark Knight", "Soldier of Fortune". PhD, published ​poet and author of "A Better Place".Enjoys the sense of discovering new writers who place well in leading screenplay contests.

​Robert L. McCullough

Writer - Producer Director

WGA, DGA, Creator and showrunner of multiple pilots, miniseries, ​and new media projects. Bob has a history of promoting unknown writers to star status.

​Ron Friedman

Writer - Producer

WGA, DGA, SAG. One of the most prolific and celebrated television writers of all time, live action and animation writing guru behind "Transformers", "G.I. Joe", "Fantastic Four." USC & Chapman University Professor of Screenwriting, a sought-after screenplay contest analyst and workshop leader.

Eden Marryshow


Best Director at 2017 ABFF and 2017 Urbanworld, Eden's story sense, ability to work with writers, and creative skillset positions him ​as one of the hottest new directors in the industry.

​Dennis Brown

Producer, PGA

One of Hollywood's most seasoned and prolific TV movie producers, a veteran of Paramount, Warner Bros, and NBC. He's worked with major stars like Neil Diamond, Burt Lancaster, and Jerry Seinfeld,and has developed projects from the treatment stage to finished screenplay.

​Ray Austin

Writer - Producer - Director

WGA, DGA, SAG, with more than 300 directing, writing, producing credits. Renowned author of "Find Me a Spy", "Catch Me a Traitor" as well as ​the Beauford Sloan Mystery series.

Garner Simmons

Writer - Producer

WGA, DGA, WGC, ATAS, writer/producer of "Yellow Rose," "V", "Poltergeist: The Legacy", Features include "A Rare Breed," "Miracle Landing." Acclaimed author of "Peckingpah: A Portrait in Montage," WGA award winner with a keen eye for promising writers and taking them to the finals of leading screenplay contests.

​Tom Sawyer

Writer - Producer

WGA, DGA, Emmy-nominated Showrunner, UCLA Screenwriting Professor, professional consultant and author of "Fiction Writing Demystified," as well as multiple novels.

Marie Medevielle

Script Editor Development Consultant

An independent script editor/story analyst bringing international perspective and keen insights into areas of character development, story and writing technique solutions.

Jerry London

Director - Producer

Emmy nominated winner of the DGA's Outstanding Directorial Achievement, with 100+ credits, known for creating "Shogun", and "Ellis Island." ​Author of 2018's From I Love Lucy to Shogun...and Beyond.

Kevin Herrera


Former Director of The Gersh Agency's Digitial Enterprise Division.Co-founder of The Machine management firm focused on the ever-changing landscape of digital entertainment.Currently developing material of screenplay competition winners.

​​​​Michael Sloan

Writer - Producer

Producer of the 2018 box office hit The Equalizer 2 starring Denzel Washington,with hundreds of TV and movie credits.Served as Jury President of the Television Festival of Monte-Carlo, creator & Writer-Producer of Colombia Pictures' "The Equalizer," Author of 2018's hardcover Killed in Action.Guides screenplay competition winners toward active industry career opportunities.

​​​Mikhael Bassilli

Producer - Writer - Director

An award winning screenwriter with a penchant for talent-driven material and a background in finance. Currently developing a broad spectrum of projects and actively seeking feature scripts in the $1-5mm range.

These award-winning professionals will be reading your material and are eager to see your best work... and to help you move forward in your screenwriting career.

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