These are just some of the unsolicited comments from writers around the world who have experienced the quality of our analysis/coverage after entering the screenplay contest at the L.A. International Screenplay Awards!

I was actually one of your quarter finalist in Spring 2018, and wanted to personally thank you for creating such an amazing platform for writers. The analysis I received was invaluable, in depth and most definitely written with care, and the entire LAISA experience was pretty awesome.

--Lawrence Kim

I very much appreciate your analysis. I am glad you liked what I have created. If I could pay another $99 for an analysis of the second episode I would.

--Tom Speciale - Woodbridge, VA

Thank you for your kind words and we appreciate your creative criticism. It's always difficult to get good honest feedback but your team was able to do just that.

--Peter Ebanks, Sunrise, FL

Thank you so much! This analysis confirms the part about exposition telling rather than showing....that I received back from another Festival. I'll definitely work on the ideas in this critique!

--Carole Keeney Harrington - Houston, TX

I really appreciate the professionalism of your response and the manner in which your competition is organized. It’s the best screenplay contest I’ve entered.

--Jeremy Richards, London, U.K.

The turnaround time from acknowledgment of my entry to the production of the analysis (June 10th) was particularly impressive, as your analyst's grasp of the salient points of the story showed that the script was given much, much more than a cursory skim through. Thank you for that.

--Brian Comerford, Kilrush Clare, Ireland

Thank you so much for your time and everything you wrote. I’ve never seen such complete feedback. I will take everything you mentioned and come back stronger.

--Dave Cowieson, British Columbia, Canada

So much script “coverage” I’ve seen has been less than helpful. But you people really seem to care about the material and about making it better. I’m going to rewrite my script now and submit it to your screenplay competition before the deadline date for sure.”

--Emily Caulfield, San Francisco, CA.

I’ve entered other screenplay competitions before and found them to be run by amateurs. It’s a relief to find serious professionals who’ve actually been successful now willing to help a beginner like me.

--Sharon McCurdy, Albany, NY

I took a chance on submitting my action movie script to you, and I’m blown away by how complete your coverage and notes are. I wasn’t expecting such a careful analysis, which was better than all the stuff I’ve learned taking any writing class. Once I get my script tuned up, I’ll be entering your screenplay contest!

--Anthony Borrelo, Phoenix, AZ

I just entered your screenplay contest because I see judges who have already done what I want to do: sell a TV show. Thanks for the opportunity to show what I can do.

--Kimberly Seasons, Chicago, IL


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  • Holiday Award Trophy
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  • $500 CASH
  • Holiday Award Trophy
  • 1-to-1 personal consultation with Producers on our Judging Panel.
  • Media Publicity



  • $250 CASH
  • Holiday Award Trophy
  • 1-to-1 personal consultation with Producers on our Judging Panel.
  • Media Publicity









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